Hello, dear friend. This website can be interesting for architectural visualization artists who always strive to learn and to use something new. Our industry is constantly developing and we, being a part of it, want to enhance and improve it.

The library was made by the specialists who know much about a stylish presentation of the product. We based our new project – a cutout library for architectural visualizers CUTOUTBOX.COM – on our vision and experience.


Correct lighting

Light is a very important tool for creating certain atmosphere. We create photos in the most realistic environment. Let's say “good bye” to burnings and flashes. We do a minimum color correction and you get a picture with a correct dynamic range. You will no longer experience inconveniences improving the color and light of the downloaded cutouts. 

We appreciate the time of our users, so we create ambient and direct light shadows for all cutouts! You can download shadows in a separate file.

New representation of human in architectural visualization

People are an integral part of a composition, which complements the image of an architectural object. When creating the library, we selected interesting patterns and materials of clothes, so that the image of a person acquired a new visual energy. The main vectors that we are driven by are the style of clothes, a posture of a person and a realistic light. By the way within the search filter there is a new opportunity to search a person by specifying the color of clothes.

Now it is much easier to add visual effects

In the CUTOUTBOX.COM library you will find atmospheric sky, plants, HDRI, animal cutouts, and other similar options. The GOODIES section is intended to complicate the light pattern in architectural exterior visualization. Here there are maps of the reflective light spots, reflections, window facades, with which you can achieve interesting and complex effects that are quite difficult to be achieved with the help of a render engine. People say that the “devil is in the details” and the more interesting and difficult these details are, the more effective your product will be.

2D vegetation

Have you noticed how easy it is to liven up your render by overlaying PNG vegetation and merging landscape photos with 3D objects? Let your creativity bloom with new colors by using our fresh and vibrant nature elements in your project!

People groups from bird’s eye view

To fill your bird's eye view render with 2D people has become much easier! Use PNG canvas with groups of people and you will be able to quickly animate large squares and streets.

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