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Frequently Asked Questions


What plan should I choose?

Let us describe some details about the target audience of each plan and its content.

The Free plan is a good starting point to get acquainted with the website and to get the opportunity to use our free assets. Ambient light shadows are included.

The Basic plan is suitable for freelancers and young artists. You will have access to a huge library of people cutouts and will be able to complete your projects with high-quality cutouts. However your plan will have some restrictions: you will not have access to shadows from the directional light, cutouts from the bird’s eye and cutouts with motion blur.

The Standard plan is suitable for experienced artists and small studios who work at the exclusivity of their product. You will get more megabytes for downloading as well as full access to the entire content of the website. As a matter of convenience and to save time you get cutouts with ambient and direct light shadows.

The Gold plan provides unlimited access to the full CUTOUTBOX.COM library library for three years. All future updates included.

By The Piece is suitable for users who want to purchase an item permanently.

Item - object in the original resolution + regular + shadow (if available). After downloading, the object will be available in the downloaded section for the entire lifetime of the resource and will be highlighted in green in the library.


If you have an active subscription and purchased items - you will download items on a subscription basis until the subscription limit expires. When it happens, "By The Piece" downloading mode will be activated.


What is the difference between monthly and annual billing options?

Annual plans are more cost-efficient as you get a discounted rate for paying for 12 months upfront.


What payment options do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, USDT TRC20, Etherium, ЮMoney, Mir, GPay, СБП


Can I cancel my Subscription in order it doesn't automatically renew?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription any time and prevent its automatic renewal. Go to your account - choose "Billing history" tab, then just click "Remove".


Micropayment against payment for the service plan.

After payment for the service plan the payment system will block the sum of up to 10 cents on your card. It is necessary to link your card to the subscription system. The amount will be unlocked within one minute after blocking.



Please read the full FAQ section for more details.




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